Not One of Us #46

29/09/2011 at 8:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Hark! Not One of Us #46 is now available (see here for more info). “The House of Rejoicing,” the story of mine it contains, is perhaps one of my strangest pieces. Yet I like it very much for all that.

Coming up: “Seven Spells to Sever the Heart” will be appearing in Fantasy Magazine in November, and “The Bird Country” will be in Shimmer in the spring.

In other news: I am learning Anglo-Saxon. I am enjoying Witch Doctor very much. I am saddened by the end of the first season of SyFy’s Alphas, which is not really what one would describe as “good TV,” but which is eminently lovable in spite of this fault. I am aware of the constant, ambient presence of flocks of Canada geese.


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